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Smart LED dimmer switches

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Smart Dimmer

Are you looking for a way to set your lamps easily, quickly and completely to your personal preference? Then take a look at the smart dimmers from INTOLED. What a dimmer does is dim your lights. But what a smart dimmer does is a little bit more than that. A smart dimmer can be connected to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control your lights without having to leave your seat.

What can a Smart Dimmer do?

With a smart dimmer you can make it a lot easier for yourself at home. Connect them to your lamps and adjust them completely to your preference. Use your phone to dim your lights, and set the time for them to turn on and off. When you connect your smart dimmers to your smart assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can also control your lamps by speech. So you can dim the lights from your couch, without missing anything from the movie.

Alternatives to the Smart Dimmers

Are you rather looking for smart dimmable LED lights? Take a look at the smart LED lighting of INTOLED. The smart lights are dimmable, can be controlled through an app, and can be linked to a smart assistant. They can be set in different light intensities, and in all kinds of colors. Remain seated and adjust the lights to your preference.

Want to purchase the Smart Dimmers?

Are you interested in buying a smart dimmer, and do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service. By calling +31853030027 you will get one of our specialists on the line, who will help you further. You can also reach us via email [email protected], and during our opening hours you can leave a message on the chat.