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Smart smoke detector

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Smart smoke detector

Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in the vicinity of their own home. Fire safety and, in particular, fire prevention play an important role in this. Nobody wants to experience a fire break out at home. Not when you are at home, but also when you are not at home. A smart smoke detector is a handy and smart tool to prevent situations like this.

What is a smart smoke detector?

A smart smoke detector is an intelligent smoke detector that goes a step further than a normal smoke detector. A normal smoke detector goes off when it detects smoke. You will hear a sharp tone throughout the house. A smart smoke detector does the same, but also sends a signal directly to your paired smartphone. A push message appears on your phone with the status of the smart smoke detector. Are you not at home and does the smart smoke detector go off? Then you are immediately alerted to the situation. If the smart smoke detector accidentally goes off while cooking, you can switch it off quickly and easily via your smartphone. This way, you always have the situation under control.

Advantages of smart smoke detectors

A smart smoke detector provides a lot of extra benefits that you don't have with a standard smoke detector. For example, a smart fire alarm provides extra security by keeping you informed at all times. If smoke is detected, you know immediately thanks to a push message on your phone. Wherever you are. So you can take immediate action. If you are not at home, you can call in someone nearby, such as your neighbours, to take a look at your house. Is it an empty alarm? Then you can easily switch off the alarm via your smartphone.

Installing a smart smoke detector

The smart smoke detector is a smart product of the brand Homeylux. All Homeylux devices can be operated with the Homeylux App. This can be downloaded quickly and free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play. When connecting the smart smoke detector, the intention is that you sit within 2 metres of your router, with your WIFI network at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Only this frequency is supported, so turn off 5 GHz. For more information about connecting your smart smoke detector, click here.

Once you have linked the smart smoke detector to your smartphone, the intention is that you hang the smart smoke detector in strategic places. Does your house have several floors? If so, we recommend installing a smoke detector on each floor, in a hallway or hall where the rooms come together. Hang the detector in the middle of the ceiling, where it quickly detects smoke.

Fire prevention with the smart smoke detector

Are you interested in buying the smart smoke detector, but do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists are ready to answer all your questions. During our opening hours you can reach us by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also e-mail all your questions to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you further.