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150 Watt LED Floodlight with motion sensor

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LED Floodlight with motion sensor 150 Watt

Floodlights with motion sensor provide additional lighting in a large room or outdoor area where it is needed. It also provides extra safety. The 150 Watt floodlights with motion sensor from INTOLED are of high quality, made with the most innovative techniques. The 150 Watt floodlights with motion sensor are available in the light colours 4000K (also called 840) and 6400K (also called 864).

Advantages of the floodlight with motion sensor 150 Watt

A floodlight with 150W motion sensor has a number of advantages, which we would like to list for you:

  • Energy efficient: the 150 Watt floodlight has an enormous light output at low energy consumption. In addition, the motion sensor ensures that the 150 Watt floodlight only switches on when needed. 
  • Durable: the 150W floodlight with motion sensor of the brand HOFTRONIC is made of very high quality materials, which makes the product last extra long. For example, the 150W floodlights with motion sensor have an average service life of 50,000 hours. So you can enjoy it for years to come.
  • IP65 jet waterproof: this means that the product is protected against rainwater. You can hang the 150W floodlights with motion sensor outside.
  • Extra safety: the 150W floodlight with motion sensor is activated when someone approaches it. This keeps burglars at a distance.

Floodlights with motion sensor at INTOLED

For smaller areas, the 10 Watt floodlight, 20 Watt floodlight and 30 Watt floodlight are a suitable choice. If you are looking for a floodlight with motion sensor for a medium surface area, you can always take a look at the 50 Watt floodlights and 100 Watt floodlights. For larger surfaces INTOLED has the 200 Watt floodlights and 300 Watt floodlights available.

Are you looking for a floodlight without sensor? You will also find these at INTOLED in the assortment, in the category LED floodlights.

Would you like more information?

If you are interested in purchasing an LED floodlight with 150W motion sensor, you have come to the right place at INTOLED. Do you still have questions about the product or maybe about LED lighting in general? Feel free to contact our customer service. During our opening hours we can be reached via telephone number +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also email us at [email protected]. One of our LED specialists will help you further.