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150 Watt LED Floodlight with twilight switch

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LED Floodlight with twilight switch 150 Watt 4000K Osram IP65 replaces 1350 Watt
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Beam LED Floodlight with sensor 150 Watt 4000K IP65 replaces 1350 Watt 3 year warranty
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LED Floodlights with twilight switch 150 Watt 

INTOLED's LED floodlights with 150 W twilight switch are an excellent choice when you want to illuminate a large room or large outdoor area. The twilight switch ensures that the 150W floodlight automatically switches on when it starts to get dark outside. When it gets light in the morning, the floodlight switches itself off. This ensures that the 150W floodlights with twilight sensor do not need to be switched on unnecessarily. This saves you energy costs with the 150W floodlight with daylight sensor.

Energy efficient with high light output

The floodlight 150 Watt with daylight sensor has a high light output. With the 150 Watt floodlight with twilight switch you can easily illuminate car parks or large warehouses, but you can also use them as building lights. The 150 Watt floodlights with twilight switch produce a lot of light, but this does not necessarily mean that you consume a lot of energy. The 150W floodlight head with twilight switch is very economical. With 150 Watt it replaces an old-fashioned 1350 Watt radiator. 

In addition to the LED floodlight with twilight switch 150 Watt, you will also find the floodlight with twilight switch 200 Watt and the floodlight with twilight switch 300 Watt. With this floodlight you can illuminate the largest areas such as sports fields, large car parks and building sites.

150W floodlight with twilight switch and motion sensor

The INTOLED LED floodlights come in all kinds of variations. For example, the 150W floodlights with twilight switch are also available with motion sensor. The LED floodlights with motion sensor switch on automatically when motion is detected in the room or surroundings. This ensures that the floodlights are only switched on when needed. In a room where there is no natural daylight, it is a better option to choose a floodlight with motion sensor. 

You can also buy a separate sensor at INTOLED. This way you can make sure that a normal LED floodlight can also work on a sensor. With the LED accessories you will find a selection of motion sensors and twilight sensors. Take a look.

Buy the floodlight with motion sensor 150 Watt

Are you interested in buying an LED floodlight with 150W twilight sensor? Then take a look at the product range and who knows, you may find the right option for you. Do you have any questions about the 150W LED floodlight with twilight switch or a similar product? Feel free to contact our customer service. During our office hours you can call +31 (0)85 303 0027 to speak directly to one of our LED specialists. You can also email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.