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LED Spike lights with LED

Light color
IP Rate
4x Solar LED Wall lamp Tropo 3000K warm white
44,95 Incl. VAT 34,95
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
4x Solar LED Wall lamp Dono 3000K warm white IP65
44,95 Incl. VAT 34,95
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
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LED Garden Spike Light including LED

The LED garden light spikes including light source are the ideal lighting sources to create atmosphere in your garden. Place them in your garden in such a way that you can use them to illuminate various objects. Think of the trees, shrubs, hedges, pond or paths in your garden. The pinspots including LED light source serve as a kind of spotlight or floodlight for your garden. 

Energy-saving pinspots including LED light source

The LED garden spike lights with light source are equipped with a built-in LED lamp. These are of very high quality and are therefore very durable and economical. The energy consumption of the garden spikes with LED is a minimum of 5 Watt to a maximum of 12 Watt. So you don't have to worry about high energy bills. 

Garden spikes including LED source are rainproof

Are you looking for a garden spike including a light source that will last for years? Then INTOLED is the right place for you. The LED garden spike spots with light source have an IP value of at least IP44, which means that they are splashproof. In addition, you will find a selection of garden spike light with a light source with a protection degree of IP65. These are even better protected against water; they are jetproof. So you can place them at the desired spot in your garden without having to worry about a rainshower.

Advantages of garden spike lights with LED light source

A big advantage of the garden spike lights including a light source, is that you do not have to purchase a separate LED lamp for the pinhole luminaire. The light source is already incorporated in the fixture. So the garden surface mounted LED spotlight is immediately ready for use.

In addition to INTOLED's LED garden spikes with light source, you will also find LED garden spikes without a LED light source in the INTOLED range. The advantage of these garden spikes is that you can choose which LED lights you twist in the fixture. This allows you to determine the light colour for the LED garden spike lights. The spikes have a GU10 fitting, which means that you can incorporate a GU10 LED lamp. These can be found in our range from a very warm colour temperature to a very cool colour temperature: from 2700K to 6500K.

Easy installation of garden spikes with light source

Installing the LED spikes with LED light source is very easy. First of all, the garden spikes are already equipped with an LED lamp, so you don't have to turn them in anymore. This saves you some effort. In addition, the outdoor spotlights are also easy to mount in your garden. Connect the spikes including LED to the mains power, and pin the spot in the desired area. To connect underground cables to each other and thus connect multiple spikes LED to each other, you can use the waterproof cable connector IP68

Want to buy garden spikes including LED light source?

Are you interested in purchasing the LED garden spike lights with light source? Then take a look at our assortment and choose the right garden spotlights for you. Do you still have questions about the spikes or about LED lighting in general? Feel free to contact our customer service by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an email to [email protected]. Our LED specialists will be happy to help you.