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LED Recessed Downlights complete set

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LED Recessed Downlights complete set

LED recessed downlights are nowadays impossible to imagine, they are becoming increasingly popular because of the long life and the low energy consumption which benefits the environment and your fair! Our range of LED recessed spots is very extensive with us you will always find a suitable recessed spot for your space. Are you looking to replace your existing halogen downlights or to provide a new space with LED recessed spots? The recessed spotlights can be used for almost all areas, such as your living room, bedroom, hall or bathroom. If you are looking for beautiful LED recessed downlights in a damp room such as your bathroom or shelter, take an LED recessed spotlights which have an IP value of IP44, which are extremely suitable for this. Take a look at the category LED recessed spotlights bathroom to make a choice.

Easy assembly

Our LED recessed downlights can all be assembled very easily so that no expert needs to be involved. This saves you time and money. All LED recessed spotlights are supplied with a mounting instruction as standard, which makes mounting even easier. Due to the low installation depth, the LED recessed downlights can be mounted almost in any ceiling. What do you still like to opt for LED recessed downlights!

The right atmosphere in the house

With our LED recessed spotlights you create the right atmosphere in your home. The light source of the LED recessed downlights determines the atmosphere, do you want a LED spot that serves as mood lighting or a LED spot which is also used as functional head lighting? in our range we offer both options. Have you already thought about whether you want to dim the LED recessed spots? With our LED dimmers you can perfectly dim the LED downlights to the desired light intensity if you wish. The Philips Dim Tone LED downlights provide warm atmospheric light and this LED spot also simulates the effect of a light bulb when this spot is dimmed, the light color is getting warmer as a traditional light bulb does, but with the big difference that you are now much less consumes energy and has a lifetime that lasts at least four times as long as a traditional halogen spot.

Choose the correct light angle

Determine in advance what you want to use the LED recessed lights for? Do you want light accents on certain objects or walls? Or do you want to use the LED recessed downlights for general lighting of your room? the light angle plays an important role here. The angle of light is indicated in the unit of measurement degrees or the sign (º), the lower the number the smaller the angle of illumination, with a small angle of illumination the light beam is focused more on the object that you want to illuminate. If you are looking for LED recessed downlights to illuminate an entire area, we advise you to choose a larger light angle so that the LED spots illuminate the surface evenly.

Do you have any questions or would you rather seek help from a specialist?

Are you not completely out? Then you can always contact one of our product specialists. They are happy to help you choose the right LED downlight that fits your situation perfectly. For this you can contact us via the chat, just call +31853030027 or send an email to [email protected]. Describe your situation well and for which you are looking for a downlight.