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LED Recessed Downlights with diameter 65 - 69mm

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LED Downlight Convexo 7 Watt 4000K IP44 White
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LED recessed downlights hole size 65 - 69 mm

For cosy atmospheric lighting in your home, choose the built-in LED spotlights hole size 65 mm from INTOLED. These 65 mm saw size recessed downlights have a modern design and are very energy efficient. They are suitable for every room in your home: the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. Where do you hang them?

Advantages of recessed downlights with a 65 mm hole size

Are you looking for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality recessed spotlights? Then take a look at the 65 mm saw size recessed downlights. The recessed spotlights with a hole size of 65 mm are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the IP65 degree of protection. This also makes it very suitable for a damp room such as the bathroom, where the lights can also come into contact with water. In addition, the recessed downlights are very energy-efficient and therefore cost-saving. Thanks to the long service life, you save on maintenance and replacement costs. And thanks to the dimmability of the spotlights. 

The recessed downlights hole size 65mm are easy to install thanks to the quick-connector. This makes it easy to connect the power cable without the use of junction boxes or terminal blocks. Please note that the quick-connector is placed next to the spotlight on the ceiling, so that the LED spotlights can dissipate the heat. 

Variants on the LED recessed downlights with 65 mm hole size

Not all recessed spotlights have the same hole size. For example, INTOLED also offers a choice of 28 mm hole size recessed downlights, 44 mm hole size recessed downlights, 73 mm hole size recessed downlights, 75 mm hole size recessed downlights, 85 mm hole size recessed downlights and 90 mm hole size recessed downlights. Consider the hole size of the spotlights when drilling new holes in the ceiling to install them.

Interested in the 65 mm saw size recessed downlights?

Are you interested in buying the 65 mm hole size recessed downlights from INTOLED? Would you like to have some more questions answered or receive more information? That's possible! Please contact our customer service by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an email to [email protected]. You can also reach us during our opening hours via chat. Our LED specialists will be happy to help you.