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LED recessed lights GU10

Are you looking for LED downlights with an interchangeable GU10 light source? Then you will find in this category more than 150 recessed spots with GU10 light source. All our GU10 downlights are equipped with high quality HOFTRONIC GU10 LED spots. This guarantees an extremely long life. In our range of GU10 LED downlights you can find both waterproof and non-waterproof spots. Our GU10 recessed spots are standard optionally dimmable, but are supplied without transformer. This means that you can make the spots dimmable by connecting them to a recessed dimmer or surface-mounted dimmer.

Installing GU10 recessed spots

Installing GU10 recessed spots is very easy. This is because they do not come with a transformer as standard. This has a number of advantages:

  • You do not have to hide the transformer in a watertight junction box.
  • Installing the recessed spots is done by connecting them in parallel (simple)
  • The light source is replaceable so you can determine the light color, brightness and you do not have to replace the recessed spot when it is broken.

To install in a false ceiling, first measure the width (diameter) of the gu10 recessed spot. Then, make a hole the size of the recessed spot. It is important that you do not make it too large. The clamps will press on the ceiling at the sides. With too little overlapping surface, the spotlight will be pushed through the hole. Then you connect the GU10 recessed spots in series and place them in the ceiling. 

Optional dimmable GU10 recessed spots

As mentioned, our gu10 recessed spots are optionally dimmable. This means that the spots are not dimmable straight from the box, but they can be made dimmable. You can do this by using an LED dimmer, for example. It is important that you look at the minimum voltage of the dimmer. If the LED lighting does not provide sufficient voltage, the dimmer will cause the GU10 recessed spots to start flashing.

GU10 recessed lights, what's included?

If you order a set of GU10 recessed spots from INTOLED, they will be delivered complete for installation. Of course you'll receive per LED recessed spotlight, a GU10 spotlight, a GU10 socket and a fixture. In addition, we also supply 12 wago clamps as standard. This is sufficient to connect the GU10 downlights together and make the installation complete. So you can say that our GU10 downlights are completely plug and play.

Want to buy GU10 downlighters?

Have you decided on GU10 spots? If so, pay close attention to the watertightness of the spots. Because GU10 downlights consist of various components (spot, light fitting and socket), it is more difficult to make this type of spotlight watertight. This often gives you more choice when you choose a recessed spotlight with an integrated light source.

Questions about our GU10 downlights?

Do you have any questions about our GU10 recessed spots or their installation? Then our product specialists are ready to help you. You can best reach them via chat, Whatsapp or by calling 085 808 5238.