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Smart LED recessed downlights

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Smart LED Recessed Downlights

With the smart lights of INTOLED you can easily create the desired atmosphere in the house, which is fully adapted to your taste and preference. This is also the case with the smart LED recessed downlights from INTOLED. The LED smart recessed spotlights are modern, of very high quality, and they are energy efficient. Start making your home smarter today with the smart recessed LED downlights from INTOLED.

Control your lights with your smartphone

The smart recessed downlights LED are equipped with WIFI, and can therefore be connected to your smartphone, tablet and even your smart assistant. The smart recessed spotlights are from the brand Hoftronic Smart. All Hoftronic Smart products can be operated via the Hoftronic Smart App. Also the smart recessed downlights that can be found at INTOLED.  Download the App on your smartphone and then connect the smart spots to your phone via WIFI. With the App, you can directly control the smart spots with the push of a button, wherever you are.

You can control the smart spots LED directly, but you can also use timetables. Simply set a time when you want the lights to turn on and off automatically. This way, your house is also well lit when you are not at home once in the evening. This also provides extra safety.

Also voice-controlled operable

Do you use a smart assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa at home? Then you can also connect the smart built-in downlights. Via your Google Home, Amazon Alexa or another smart assistant, you have the possibility to operate the smart recessed downlights voice controlled. This way, you no longer have to move from your place to switch your lights on or off, dim your lights or adjust the colours.

Installing smart recessed downlights

The smart recessed downlights of INTOLED are from the smart home brand Hoftronic Smart. All Hoftronic Smart devices are operated via the Hoftronic Smart App. This is easy to download from the Google Play store for Android or the Apple Store for IOS. When you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, it's time to pair the smart downlights. This is done via your WIFI network. Make sure that the products are within 2 meters of your router when pairing. When the smart downlights are connected, you can hang the smart recessed downlights in the room of your choice. Make sure there is a good WIFI signal in that area. Once you have installed the LED smart recessed downlights, you can make use of the fun smart functions.

PLEASE NOTE: your WIFI network must be at 2.4GHz to connect your smart recessed downlights. Only this frequency is supported. Need more information about pairing your smart lighting? Click here for the instructions.

Discover the RGBWW colours

The nice thing about the smart recessed downlights LED is that it can be completely adjusted to your own taste and preference. So you can choose one of the 16.5 million RGB colours! This way you always keep it interesting, and you can alternate from time to time to create a different atmosphere. You can also choose from the colour temperatures of 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin. This allows you to light up a room with a very warm white light colour, or with a cooler daylight white light colour.

Questions about the smart recessed downlights?

Take a look at our range of smart recessed downlights and who knows, you might find the perfect spotlight for your home. Do you notice that things are still unclear and would you like to receive more information about the smart recessed downlights, smart lights or LED lights in general? Then contact our customer service by emailing [email protected] or calling +31 85 8085 238. We will be happy to help you further.