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LED Recessed Downlights with diameter 79mm

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LED recessed downlights diameter 79mm

The LED recessed downlights with diameter 79mm are a nice addition for the home, office, catering and hotels. The LED recessed downlights with diameter 79mm are available separately, but also in sets of 3 pieces and 6 pieces. You place these LED recessed downlights in your suspended ceiling or plaster ceiling, in a hole with a diameter of 79 mm.

Illuminate your surroundings energy-efficiently

With the LED recessed diameter 79mm you don't have to worry about high energy consumption. On the contrary, the LED recessed downlights with diameter 79mm are very energy-efficient. The spotlights have a minimum energy consumption of 7 Watt. With this they replace a 50 Watt halogen spotlight. You save a lot of energy and energy costs with a 79 mm diameter LED recessed downlight.

Suitable for dry and humid areas

The LED recessed downlights diameter 79mm which you see on this page are suitable for dry and humid rooms. The LED recessed spotlights with diameter 79mm with the IP value of IP20, are only suitable for dry rooms. The IP20 degree of protection indicates that the LED recessed diameter 79mm is not dust- or waterproof. Keep in mind where you place the IP20 LED recessed downlights 79mm diameter. These are particularly suitable for spaces such as the bedroom, living room or in the hallway. 

The LED recessed downlights diameter 79 mm with an IP value of IP44 are splash-proof. This means that they may come into contact with splashing water. These recessed LED downlights diameter 79 mm are suitable for damp rooms. Think for example of the kitchen or bathroom. Please note that the IP44 LED recessed diameter 79mm is not placed above your shower, but in a zone 2.

What light colour do you choose for the diameter 79mm recessed downlights?

If you are looking for a recessed LED downlight with a saw hole size of 79mm, you have a choice of different colour temperatures. The LED recessed downlights diameter 79mm have the following light colours:

Which diameter do you need?

The LED recessed downlight diameter 79mm has a fairly large diameter. Of course, it is possible that you are looking for LED recessed downlights with a smaller diameter, or a larger one. If you want to replace your old recessed downlights with new LED recessed downlights, it is handy to see how large the holes in your ceiling that have already been drilled are. It is then best to choose the same diameter, or larger diameters. You can make a hole bigger, but not smaller.

These are the diameters available from INTOLED:

Order your LED recessed downlights diameter 79mm with INTOLED

Are you interested in the recessed LED downlights with diameter 79mm? Then take a look at the various recessed downlights available on this page. Should you have any further questions about the 79mm diameter LED recessed downlights, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. You can reach our LED experts by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]