What types of fittings are there?

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What types of fittings are there?

There are so many different types of lamp fittings that we can imagine it can sometimes be confusing to know which exactly you need. LED bulbs have all kinds of different lamp fittings. When you need to change a LED bulb, it is useful to know which one you need. With this blog we explain what the most common fittings are for different lamp types.

LED bulbs

Let's start with the basics: the LED bulbs. LED lights include the traditional pears we know and the modern LED filament bulbs. They are the lights we use a lot in the house. Does the pear break in the pendant lamp above the dining table? Then it is handy to know which fitting you need to replace the bulb.

E27 LED Lamp 6,5 Watt 3000K A60 Samsung Vervangt 60 Watt

E27: Large fitting
An E27 fitting is the most common fitting. It is also known for its large fitting. The E27 fitting has a thread thickness of 27 mm. You simply turn it into an E27 fitting, which you see a lot in hanging lights, wall lights, floor lights or desk lights.
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10-Pack E14 LED Lamp 5,5 Watt IP45 2700K Vervangt 40 Watt

E14: Small fitting
An E14 fitting is also called the small fitting. This is also very common. Most smaller LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, energy saving lamps or halogen bulbs have an E14 fitting. The thread is 14 mm thick. You can easily turn this in an E14 fitting.
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LED spotlights

LED spotlights are widely used for recessed lighting. Think of the spotlights in your kitchen, bathroom or perhaps in the living room and hallway. The spotlights are functional but also create a lot of atmosphere.

GU10 LED spot 5 Watt Dimbaar 2700K warm wit (vervangt 50W)

The GU10 spotlights have a GU10 fitting. The system of the fitting is also called a bayonet fitting. This has to do with the 2 pins that are placed in the fitting and turned a quarter turn. The pins of a GU10 fitting are 10 mm apart. This is the most common type of fitting for spotlights.
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MR16 LED spot 6,5 Watt 12V DC 450lm daglichtwit 6400K (vervangt 55W) 5 jaar garantie

The MR16 is also known as the GU5.3. It has a stitch foot, also known as a Bipin foot. These are the two pins sticking out at the bottom of the fitting. These pins are 5,3 mm apart. The MR16 fitting is mainly used with spots that are suitable for bathroom lighting and outdoor lighting, because the spots are suitable for 12V.
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LED capsule G9 3,2 Watt 3000K warm wit 400lm 2 jaar garantie

The G9 fitting can be found with small capsule LED lights. The pins at the bottom are not straight, but in the form of 2 loops. The distance between the two pins is 9 mm. The G9 fitting usually occurs in small wall lights or ceiling lights

Get advice from our LED specialists

As we said at the beginning, there are many other types of fittings. These are the most common lamp fittings. If you need a new LED light for your home, chances are that you will need one of the above fittings. If you are not quite sure, you can always get advice from one of our LED specialists. You can reach us by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].


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