Working from home? Make sure you have good work lighting

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Working from home? Make sure you have good work lighting

Are you someone who often works from home or maybe even full time? Then it is important that you have a good workspace. Studies have shown that you can concentrate better and work much more efficiently if you have a fixed workplace. This does not mean sitting at the kitchen table where you also eat all your meals. But what's also very important about a home workplace is the lighting. Good work lighting is essential. In this blog we will explain what to take into consideration and we will give you tips on good lighting.

What kind of lamp do I need?

When working in an office building, you will notice that LED panels hang in almost every office. But, those you will not easily install in a study room in your home. What you can provide is a good ceiling lights, a wall light, a floor lamp or a desk lamp. You can incorporate a LED bulb of your choice in the fixture of those lamps. However, it is useful to know which LED bulb you need. Pay attention to the following things:.

It is useful when you know which fitting fits the fixture. This can be one of the most common fittings as the GU10 spot, E27 bulb or E14 bulb. You can recognise the different fittings by the pins or threads at the bottom of the bulb. A GU10 spot has two pins that are 10 mm apart from each other. An E27 bulb and E14 bulb have a traditional pear shape. The E27 bulb has a thicker thread than the E14 bulb. The thread of the E27 bulb is 27 mm thick and the thread of the E14 bulb is 14 mm thick. Would you like to know more about what types of fittings there are? Then read our blog: What types of fittings are there?


GU10 LED spot 5 Watt Dimbaar 2700K warm wit (vervangt 50W)


E27 LED Lamp 6,5 Watt 3000K A60 Samsung Vervangt 60 Watt


10-Pack E14 LED Lamp 5,5 Watt IP45 2700K Vervangt 40 Watt


Light colour
LED bulbs are available in many different light colours. These are indicated with Kelvin. The light colours range from very warm white light to very cool white light. We recommend a workplace with at least 4000K of light. This is the light colour neutral white light, which many people experience as pleasant light to sit in all day long. In professional offices and workspaces, 6400K light is also often chosen. This is daylight white light.

Would you like to know everything about choosing the right light colour? Read our blog How to decide on the right colour temperature?

Why is good lighting important?

Enlightenment affects our daily lives. We just mentioned the light colours we recommend for your workplace. This is not just any old thing. It has been proven that you get tired more quickly from warm light. This is meant more as atmospheric lighting for the room. You have the best concentration when the light around you is bright. So with 4000 Kelvin you have a better concentration than with 3000 Kelvin. The brighter the light, the higher the productivity. Is there hardly any natural daylight in the room where you work? If so, it is advisable to use an extra bright lamp for this room.

Besides the fact that the light colour affects our concentration, the quality of the lighting is also important. Blinking light is also something you want to take into account. Blinking light tires our eyes. Even though flashing light is not always visible to the naked eye, it affects our concentration. This is one of the reasons why offices use LED panels. LED panels do not blink, and have diffuse light which is very pleasant to work in. If you are looking for a light source similar to a LED panel, a LED downlight might be a good choice for your workspace at home.

Direction of the light beam

Once you have found the right LED lighting for your home office? Then it's time to assemble them. We will give you a few tips on how to do this:

  • Make sure that the light does not shine into your eyes. Nobody wants to be blinded while they have to concentrate on their work.
  • Do you have a ceiling fixture or ceiling light? Then make sure that the light comes from behind at an angle. This way you avoid shadows on the screen.
  • Are you someone who does a lot of writing, crafts, drawing or other precision work? Then we recommend that you also look for a desk lamp. A desk lamp falls under accent lighting, which illuminates directionally.

Our recommendations!

LED Dome light 15 Watt 1400 Lumen IP65 (3-in-1 3000K-6400K) Samsung 5 years warranty
MINI LED Panel Downlight white 12 Watt 4000K round IP20
Set of 3 dimmable LED downlights Maya 5 Watt 4000K spot tiltable
Smart WiFi LED surface mounted ceiling spotlight Ray black RGBWW incl. GU10 IP20 tiltable

Do you have any questions about work lighting? Our LED specialists are always ready to advise you and answer your questions. Feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].


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