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LED Floodlights

Whether you are looking for a new floodlight or you just want to see if a floodlight is functional for you, then you have come to the right place at INTOLED. INTOLED has a very wide and diverse range of LED floodlights for a very competitive price. Do you find it difficult to make a choice between the different LED floodlights? Then you can always contact us through the chat or by calling one of our specialists. They will gladly help you with all your questions. To make your choice easier, you will find a brief explanation below about our range of LED floodlights.

LED floodlights from 10 up to 300 Watt

Our range of LED floodlights is distinguished by quality and diverse range, suitable for all situations. You will find floodlights with a diverse capacity and consumption, if you need help to make the best choise for the light colour you can check our Blog "How to decide on the right colour temperature?". Depending on your situation, there is a floodlight that fits you perfectly. Are you looking for a LED floodlight for a small area, then you usually have enough of a LED floodlight of 10 Watt or 20 Watt. Are you planning to illuminate a medium space or area then we recommand you our 30 Watt or 50 Watt Floodlights. Even if you want to illuminate an middle large area, we recomand you to choose the 100 Watt or 200 Watt Floodlight. for the highest light output, choose our Premium 200 Watt Floodlight with his 18.000 lumen output you replace your current 1800 Watt flooglight.

With our IP68 cable connectors you can place the LED floodlight(s) everywhere. there is no need for a wall socket in the vicinity of the LED floodlight. With this cable connector you can extend the wiring to any power socket or powerline. You also ensure that the power cables are connected to each other in a correct and waterproof manner. 

LED floodlights; waterproof (IP65) and splashproof (IP44)

Depending on the moisture in the room where you want to place the LED floodlight you can choose an IP44 or IP65 classification. If the LED floodlight is in the open air outside, we recommend an IP65 floodlight. Under, for example, a canopy you can opt for an IP44 LED floodlight.

Applications of LED floodlights

The application possibilities of LED floodlights is very diverse. For example, you can use floodlights to illuminate a façade, as a work light, patio lighting and as a LED construction light.

LED floodlight with motion sensor

A LED floodlight with motion sensor is good to use as a security for your house, garden, parking space or driveway. The LED floodlight will then start when the sensor detects movements.

Do you have any questions or rather the help of a specialist?

You have any question? Then you can always contact one of our product specialists. They will gladly help you to choose the perfect floodlight suits your situation. For this you can contact us via the chat, just call +31 (0)85 303 0027 or send an email to [email protected]. Describe your situation well and for which you are looking for a floodlight.