Different types of LED garden lighting

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Different types of LED garden lighting

Spring has arrived and the first beautiful days are coming. Time to put the garden in order so that you can enjoy it. Lighting plays always an important role in this. If the temperature allows it is wonderful to sit in the garden in the evening. We also find this and that is why we recently expanded our range with a very diverse range of high-quality LED lighting for the garden. In this blog we introduce you to all our different spots and lamps for your garden.

LED ground spots

The ground spot is essential in your garden. This versatile spot is often used to illuminate trees, shrubs and hedges in an attractive way. The big advantage of a ground spot is that they are concealed in the ground and therefore take up little space. It is essentially a downlight for the garden. A good ground spot, if correctly mounted, is also perfectly walkable. This makes them ideal, for example, to illuminate your garden path. You can also place them around the pond so that you do not accidentally walk into the pond in the evening.


Grondspot square Grondspot round
Grondspot square Grondspot round


LED garden spike

A garden spike is known for its flexibility. In essence, it is a spot on a spike, which you can place anywhere in the garden according to your own wishes. Just like ground spots, garden spikes are often used to illuminate the garden path or the pond. The advantage of a garden spike compared to a ground spot is that you can easily move it and that the spot itself is usually tiltable. This makes it possible to illuminate certain parts in your garden for extra atmosphere. Think for example of a tree or a hedge.


Garden spike Alu Garden spike stainless steel
Garden spike Alu Garden spike stainless steel


LED wall and floor lamps

Wall lamps and floor lamps attract more attention than ground spots or garden spike. With a wall or floor lamp, it is not just about the light output. The appearance of the lamp itself is also important. In our assortment you will find different styles of lamps. From traditional lamps for a rural atmosphere to sleek stainless steel lamps for a more modern look. Where a ground spot or garden spike mainly be functional, a wall lamp or floor lamp can really be the eye catcher of your garden. See for example the following models:


  Stainless Steel wall lamp Traditional wall lamp
  LED Wall lamp with sensor Wall lamp with sensor


LED solar lighting

The easiest to install is our LED solar lighting. These solar-powered outdoor lamps do not need electricity. This means that you can place the lamp yourself wherever you want without having to use an electrician. In addition, you will of course benefit from free energy generated by the sun. No high energy costs and maximum freedom! In our assortment you will find different models of LED solar lights. Pay attention to the number of lumens when purchasing. 220 and 400 lumens is ideal for creating atmosphere. The 800 lm model is useful for spaces where you need a lot of light output.

Motion sensors

In addition to the above garden lighting, you will also find a category of LED lamps with sensor on our website. Here we have collected all the garden lighting that is equipped with a sensor or also called a motion detector. Such a sensor has different functions. For example, you could hang a wall light with a sensor above the door of your shed. Very handy in the dark. A light with a motion sensor also has a deterrent effect on burglars. As soon as someone enters your garden, the light switches on and the thief will leave the property.

Need more ideas for outdoor lighting?

INTOLED always wants to give advice to its customers and blog enthusiasts, so here is a roundup of tips, DIY outdoor lighting tips for beginners, so why dont consider to use LED lights with motion sensor? 

LED lights with motion sensors are a popular and practical lighting solution that can save energy and provide additional security for your home or business. Here are some key benefits and considerations for LED lights with motion sensors:

  1. Energy Efficiency: LED lights are already an energy-efficient lighting option, and when combined with a motion sensor, they can be even more efficient. The sensor detects motion and turns the light on only when needed, reducing energy waste and lowering your electricity bill.

  2. Increased Security: Motion sensor LED lights can help deter potential intruders and burglars, as the sudden illumination of a dark area can alert homeowners or security personnel to potential threats.

  3. Customizable Settings: Most LED lights with motion sensors come with adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the sensitivity and range of the sensor, as well as the duration of the light after activation.

  4. Easy Installation: LED lights with motion sensors are relatively easy to install, as they typically come with mounting hardware and detailed instructions. Many models are also wireless, making them a great choice for remote or hard-to-reach locations.

  5. Weather Resistance: When choosing LED lights with motion sensors, be sure to consider the level of weather resistance required for your particular location. Look for lights with a high IP (Ingress Protection) rating to ensure that they can withstand exposure to the elements.

While LED lights with motion sensors can offer a variety of benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind. For example, the sensitivity of the motion sensor may need to be adjusted in order to avoid false activations, such as from passing wildlife or moving branches. Additionally, the light may turn off too quickly if the duration setting is too short, leaving you in the dark too soon.

Overall, LED lights with motion sensors can be a practical and cost-effective lighting solution for any location that requires additional security or illumination.


Need help?

After reading this blog, do you have questions in your head? Do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done quickly via the low-threshold Live chat via the button at the bottom right of your screen. If we are not present at the chat or prefer to answer your questions over the phone, you can call us during office hours on the number +31 (0)85 303 0027. An email to [email protected] can also. We wish you every success with atmospheric and sustainable lighting of your beautiful garden.


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