From Homeylux to Hoftronic Smart

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From Homeylux to Hoftronic Smart

Big news at INTOLED! Homeylux changes into Hoftronic Smart. Curious? We will answer your most important questions in this blog.

There is always room for innovation and we at INTOLED have taken these words to heart. As you probably know, we already offer smart products in our collection under the brand name Homeylux, such as smart lighting and smart plugs. In addition, we have developed a mobile application of the same name to control all our smart home products. But Homeylux also needs inn ovation and this pairs perfectly with a name change. Farewell Homeylux and welcome Hoftronic Smart!  

Why is a name change necessary? 

As you probably already know, our Homeylux products and app have been around for quite some time. The Homeylux brand is part of the family brand Hoftronic. Think of it as Hoftronic's Smart department, specialised in selling smart products. Since the name Homeylux was not directly linked to Hoftronic, this occasionally caused confusion. Considering that we want to offer one brand with a brand new free app full of new and extended features, Homeylux will be replaced by Hoftronic Smart.  

Homeylux versus Hoftronic smart app 

Change is sometimes necessary to become better. If we are going to develop a new app, why not one that offers newer and more comprehensive features to our customers? The biggest difference is that the Hoftronic Smart app makes it even easier to control your smart products. For example, the app immediately starts with an autoscan to detect all smart products and you can create an account with your e-mail address or telephone number. Do you already have an account? Then you only need to log in again with your known account details. Your account can be fully preserved in this way.

What happens to my already bought products? 

Quite simply: nothing at all except the addition of new features! As explained at the beginning of this blog, the change is a name change with new features. Nothing changes in the basic functionality regarding the products you are buying now or have already bought. The products that you have already purchased will probably still work on your Homeylux app (or not anymore), but you can easily reinstall them via the new Hoftronic Smart app, which also offers more functions to your lighting! This job will not be time-consuming thanks to the new and fast autoscan function. So no hassle with reinstallation.  Curious about these extra functions? Then read on!

New features 

What are the new features or differences compared to the previous app? We would like to briefly explain them to you!

  • Improved user interface: A big difference with the Homeylux app is the improved user interface. The menu and all possible options are better and easier to reach than ever
  • Improved software: Many improvements have also been made on the back-end. It may not always be visible, but the speed and overall performance of the app have greatly improved
  • Uniform panels per product category: To make controlling of all your lamps as easy and convenient as possible, we have developed a universal control panel for all lamps and per product category. So you can easily control all your LED lights in exactly the same way. Dimming, colouring or changing settings? It all happens in the same way
  • In-App Shop (Coming soon!): To make the app even more complete, there is a real In-App shop built into the app. You can now shop directly with us and see all the latest offers
  • Updated manual: Our manuals have also been updated. All new and relevant information is now easy to find
  • Renewed linking methods, for adding new products easily and quickly: With the new autoscan function, you no longer have to wait or figure out how to pair your lamps. When you start the app, the autoscan will immediately start scanning for connectable lights from Hoftronic Smart. You will immediately receive an overview of new available lights and can add them to the list shown. No more hassle with manually pairing your lamps and other products!

Download the new Hoftronic Smart app from the IOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store.

Would you like to know more about the Hoftronic Smart app after reading our blog? Or are you curious about the latest functions? Then read the Hoftronic Smart manual here.

Do you still have questions after reading the manual? Then please feel free to contact our Customer Service. They will be happy to help you!



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