Porch Lighting: how many spots do you need?

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Porch Lighting: how many spots do you need?

Do you want to enjoy your backyard for as long as possible this summer? If so, the right lighting is of course essential. You can use LED spots to illuminate your terrace, garden shed or pond. Would you like to know more about this? Then keep on reading.

In the lovely spring and summer temperatures you will of course want to take advantage of the long days. The barbeques, garden dinners and pool parties you want to continue into the later hours. Or you just want to relax and reminisce in your garden. The right lighting is essential for these kinds of days.

Give your porch an upgrade with LED spotlights

A porch, carport or terrace roof is not complete without lighting. And when you start looking for outdoor lights, it is important to know what the best options are. LED lights are modern and above all sustainable way to illuminate all questionable spaces in and around your house. So will your backyard. The many advantages make LED lighting the perfect option. These advantages are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Longer lifespan
  • It's safe (LED bulbs don't get hot)

Recessed downlights and surface-mounted downlights are often the best option for porch lighting. What is the difference? A recessed downlight is a built-in light source and can be nicely concealed. If you want to accentuate the lighting, a surface-mounted spot is a nice option to choose. It is also easy to assemble without having to drill a large hole to be able to place the lights. Either way, they both create a nice atmosphere in your backyard (or of course your bathroom or kitchen).

How many spots do you need?

A question many people have when they want to buy spots is: how many spots do I need? Nobody wants too little light when they are sitting outside at night, and too much light can create an unpleasant atmosphere. To determine how many LED spotlights you need in the desired space, you can use a handy mnemonic. Assuming a lux value of about 200, we can say that 1 Watt is needed per m2. This is a tool you can start from in a standard room. 

When it comes to patio lighting, you can adjust the following rules:

  • With 3 roof girders and a depth of 3 metres: 6 spots
  • With 4 roof girders and a depth of 3 metres: 8 spots
  • With 5 roof girders and a depth of 3 metres: 10 spots
  • With 6 roof girders and a depth of 3 metres: 12 spots

Bear in mind, of course, that the desired light output is different for everyone. The advantage of most LED downlights is that they are dimmable. Sometimes you prefer a little more light, and other times you dim them to create a cosy atmosphere. It's up to you! 



Outdoor lighting; what should you pay attention to?

When it comes to LED lighting for outdoor use, it is important to choose a waterproof option. Choose for at least IP44 protection when the lights can come into contact with water. This is because they are splash-proof. Are the lights placed outdoors where it can come in contact with rain? Then it is better to opt for a protection degree of at least IP65. Read more about IP values in our blog for more information.

Any questions?

Have you become inspired after reading this blog and would you like to know more about outdoor lighting? Do not hesitate to contact us and one of our LED specialists will help you. During the day you can reach us by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected] or ask us a question via the live chat.


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